All data provided will always be anonymous. Personal data will never be disclosed.

Valid for the study of group behavior as an aggregate way, but not for the individual members.

For this type of analysis, EngrApp reduces the precision of the data.

Engrapp will not disclose information about members not related to that group.

Marketing Tool

Geomarketing is the integration of geographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing, including sales and distribution. Geomarketing research is the use of geographic parameters in marketing research methodology.


The information provided by EngrApp is aimed at analyzing the situation of a business knowing the areas where their customers move. In addition to anonymizing the positioning data to prevent these data to be related to a particular user, EngrApp reduces accuracy, only providing the area where the user is moving but not his exact location.
By crossing anonymous data of open group users with others open groups where the users belong to, may allow the group administrator to reach business agreements, launch joint campaigns, or get to know the users interests.


In this sense, Engrapp can provide open groups administrators, in an anonymous way, information related to which other open groups their users belong to, thus allowing administrators to study in terms of percentage their users interests, in order to find similar patterns among their members.
The combination of the two above disciplines, allows you to carry out a "sniper" marketing strategy: you can send some users (not knowing them in particular) selected promotions just knowing that they meet certain criteria or requirements.


The possibility that EngrApp offers, addressing your clients, members of the group, even in an anonymous way (because the user remains unidentified) but just by filtering the area where they move during the week, weekends, summer or which other open groups the user belongs to, enables the group administrator to design the marketing campaign based on some paramaters unthinkable until today.


To the user this also means access to some promotions developed specifically for him.

To the Group Manager all this translates into:

  • Customer loyalty.
  • Selective and precise marketing strategy for the desired target.
  • High accuracy of impacts.
  • A better understanding of markets and the ability to focus on specific market segments.
  • The design of sales areas.
  • Determine the area of influence to point out the population that is being covered.
  • Analysis of the potential market.
  • Optimization of investment in marketing activities.
  • Answer questions like: Is the current location of my business optimal? Where could I locate a new branch? Where could I run a commercial campaign?
  • Geolocated promotions
  • Products and/or services new distribution channel.
  • Access to anonymised profiles of members of their groups.

To the user means:

  • Anonymous access to promotions.
  • Access to group information.
  • Support to the groups they belong to.
  • Geolocated promotions.
  • Nonintrusive.

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