It is a free smartphone geolocation and chat App for people and/or groups.

It is a social network, an attractive meeting point for people with similar interests and concerns.

It is the reference App for geolocated groups.

The User can:

  • Create, with his contacts, private groups.
  • Share his position in the map only with the desired groups whenever he wants.
  • See members of each group in the map whenever they decide to share their position with you.
  • Choose the groups to be displayed in the map at any time.
  • Chat and interchange pictures with each contact/group.
  • Send messages to the entire group or just an individual member.
  • Pin point Points of Interest or meeting points.
  • Join open groups (Premium groups) and access the information that they share: safety, health, information points, sale offers...
  • Share in an anonymously or identified mode your position in an open group. (depending on configuration)

With a PREMIUM account you could also:

  • Set the group as Open Public or Open Hidden to the system or Closed Hidden.
  • Set the way in which a user shares his position: anonymously or identified.
  • Set if a user needs to share his position in order to see others.
  • Set different profiles in the group, and assign different icons to establish their visibility in the map.
  • Set who can exchange information with whom in the group.
  • Assign limited time to the different profiles whenever they decide to share their position in the map.
  • Set which profiles can mark points of interest in the map.
  • Set the group location in the map.
  • Combine these options to design the type of group that best suits your interests.
  • In open access groups, to have access to the BIG DATA of those group members (anonymous data).
  • Assign a corporate image to the group.
  • Use it as a powerful marketing tool.
  • And many more options.

Some practical ideas

Walkers, hikers, climbers ... that whether by themselves or in group they can share their position with members of the excursion and/or with relatives and acquaintances who may "see" him/them from their homes.

Relatives and friends during a sightseeing trip ...

Meeting at a meeting point of the road when starting from different origines.

Bikers on routes or hangouts

Cyclists on road or mountain

Greater security in those first outings of children.

Access to information of our groups of interest .

See where our friends are during an event at the Zoo ...

Know where family members affected by alzheimer and similiar diseases are.

During a school trip, if the school has a group, you can see where the bus is going and whether or not has arrived

Group of friends skiing.

Group of friends waking the Camino de Santiago

Bla bla car Users , for family and friends to see where the user is.

Meet friends, marking meeting points in the map (and see how far or close you are to each)

Simplify your social life this summer and installs EngrApp. You will not need anything else.
Very useful It helps me to meet with friends, when I buy by wallapop is easy to make a group and turn visibility on before the meeting and then delete the group. Or when I travel with bla bla car my friends and family know where I am at any moment.
Your family can follow you while you waking St. James Way.
An app to try. Incredible, a very handy app. For groups of all kinds .. I was surprised very positively.
It is an App where you can make groups similar to WhatsApp with friends but appart from the chat, you can share your position with each of the groups independently and you are able to see members of different groups that share with you the position in the map.

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