Some Examples as Premium

You can also create public or hidden groups and restrict access.

You may, from the Web, create visible special profiles and label them as safety, health, guidance ... etc. and decide which of these profiles are visible to all members of the group; or which ones can interchange information.

You can, through the application, communicate with the members of your group and send them information such as notifications, promotions, news...

If you are interested in creating a public group please contact us at gruposengrapp@engrapp.com.

Open Groups

Free access groups that anyone can adhere to.

Customisable as public.

Customisable as hidden to the system.

Allow you, in an aggregate and anonymous way, to analyze the behavior of the group members, how they react to your promotions or ads through statistics based on anonymized data that these groups generate (big data).

Get to know your clients, create customer loyalty.

Closed Groups

Hidden to the system.

Profits for your clients.

Possibility for staff control.

These groups do not generate statistics but allow you to identify its members - while in the group.

Music Bands

Allow an open chat where everyone can share their opinion, or simply post your opinions and thoughts. Share your position whenever you want, mark in the map the next tour

Skiing, shopping centers, amusement parks...

Offer your customers more services, show them where the staff location is. Possibility of seeing where people are.


Share where the security and staff personnel are. Notify events, news, schedule of shows, highlighting areas of the hotel, etc.

Franchise/own stores

Locate your stores in the map, use the group as a marketing tool aimed at the desired target. Address all members or just a few. Report events and promotions. Higlight information in the map.

Tour Operator

Are you tourist guide? A group of people in another city?. Share your position, arrange meeting points, show the bus position, notify boat departure times during a cruise, etc.


Provide your clients assistance in case of accident. A group with the tow truck and your customer, managed by the insurance company, will facilitate your client support and will show the driver where his client is.

Car rental

A group from the rental car company and a client can solve many problems and provide the help where it is nedded

School bus

With a bus location group, route users can see where the vehicle is. Customise the group so only users of that particular route can access this information.

Private Security

If you offer an EngrApp group to your clients showing them where contracted security positions are at any time, you will be offering them a premium service.


By generating a group between the client and the courier, you will be simplyfying your work and you will be giving an added-value service.


Get to know where your couriers are at all times, contact with the entire group or only one of them. Mark them POIs.

Commercial fieldforce

Get to know where your fieldforce is at any time, contact the whole group or only one of them. Mark them POIs

Teachers at Home

Get to know where your teachers are at all times, contact the whole group or only one of them. Mark them POIs.


Get to know where your security officers are at all times, contact the whole group or only one of them. Mark them POIs.


See where your work safety is, Where are the site managers, production managers. Better coordination in site, mark POIs and share them in the group.

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