Some examples as a user (FOR FREE)

Create your own groups hidden to the system and share safely your position or information with your contacts.

In these groups, you may voluntarily share your position with highlighted profiles while still hidden to the rest of the group, and chat with them if that option is enabled. If interested, these profiles will be able to locate you even if you change your position as you move seeking the help you need.

Leisure / Family

You can create a private group and invite your friends and have them pinpointed when they decide to share their position or just to chat with them.

Family safety, sports hangouts, family outings, hobbies, car trips, mountain tours, events...

Open Groups

Adhere to open groups and access important information for that group.

Check in the map where the system users are (safety, health, information) and contact them, if necessary.

In these groups, you may voluntarily share your position with higlighted profiles even though remaining hidden from the rest of the group, and chat with them, if this option is available.

Closed Groups

By invitation and subsequent acceptance, you can access corporate company groups hidden in the system, that can provide you with specific information.


EngrApp is a tool designed for your own and your family safety. SAFETY for your family means PEACE for you


Any family member with problems? EngrApp can help you in your day-to-day

Where Did I Park My Car?

You can mark your favorite places on the map and always know where they are, or complicated places to remember like: Where did I park the car? Mark a POI in EngrApp whhere you have parked to locate it later on

Sports Events

Formula 1, Motorcycle, Football, Baseball....? Access news, location of event personnel... in an amusement Park, Zoo...


A group of friends at the park with their pets will tell you who already is in the park... and your dog won´t be alone any longer! Paintbball strategies, plans with friends, etc.

School Excursions

Do you want to know where your friends are on a field trip to the countryside, in town or abroad? Each one of you can mark favorite places and set meeting points at specific times, simply marking a POI


A group of parents and caregivers can tell you where your child is at any time. An EngrApp group of parents or caregivers activated when in the park, and your child won´t be alone!


Do you know that several groups of friends will go to the same event? Have them located! Sport events, motorcycles, F1, concerts, or just walking with friends...


Have you ever got separated from a group of friends or family playing sports and you needed to know where they were? Skiing, skating, cycling, climbing, driving... Get an EngrApp group!

Full Biker Moon

If you are a biker ... this is your group !!!. Locate friends, hangouts, and where other bikers are sharing their position anonymously. ( more information )

Fans club

An excursion with friends or fan´s club to another city for a sport event, concert... Spread on your destination and know where your group is.

Ski, Amusment Park

Do you need help? Share your position with some staff members and chat with them. You may choose to share your location while moving to the first aid post...

Excursions with friends

Bike, motorcycle , car ... ? Make a group with your friends at for the tour , travel...if necessary you will see where they are.


A trip with friends or family to the zoo, amusement parks, fairs, national parks... Do not worry if separated from them. Allow your family and friends see where you are, comfortably from their couches at home.


Check if the organizer has a group. If so, they may be sharing where security personnel is, ambulances are or any other information... even if they organize contests or quizzes!


Where the refreshment, security, target points, and ambulances are, or notifications such as: departure times etc. Share your position with friends or other runners or relatives at home so they can see your performance

Music bands

If your favorite music bands have open groups... you can enjoy news, and see where the next concert will be just by looking at the map or seeing where their members are if sharing their position...

St. James´s Way

Share your position and see where other pilgrims are, where hostels, police or other POIs are. (more information)

School bus

Check the school or if the bus company taking your kids to/from school has an EngrApp bus group and you can calculate the waiting time in the mornings and evenings.

Private Security

If the company that manages security gives you access to a private group showing the position of its agents, you can see where they are... and in case of emergency, contact the nearest one.


If you are expecting a parcel and the courier company creates a private group... you can see where your goods are at any time.

School excursions, excursions with monitors

Students can locate monitors in case of an emergency, and be located among themselves, etc. Monitors: can coordinate themselves, mark meeting points, departure times, etc.

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