Dear users:

Sancus Media SL is a startup, and as such, we work with enthusiasm, eager to grow and ... we are in financial need.

The idea of EngrApp arose with the intention of helping the users and to have some benefits as a company... as today we're just doing the first of these premises.

If this app is being usefull in a daily basis, it has avoid you some unconfortable moment, if EngrApp helps you to sleep better or just thanks to EngrApp its easier for you to meet with your friends, please do not forget about the developers.

A small donation from our users can help us grow and improve our services. We have many ideas that will make of EngrApp even a better application and we are looking forward to bring them to the light. We need this little push to make us grow up to self-sufficient. We will try to return the contribution and compensate it in some way in the future.


ES38 2038 2433 0160 0051 2140



If you would like to participate as a partner, soon we will be opening a new funding round. If you are interested please contact us at the email below so we can keep you posted:

Thank you very much for using our app and kind regards

The EngrApp team

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions

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