Gain access to the group "Surfers" with special permissions.

As the club administrator, you will be able to mark your points of interest and be identified with a special icon.

Free of charge. Contact us at:
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Mark Points of Interest

Your school
Recommended bars
Recommended beaches

And make them visible to all group members

Give visibility to your places

Special Club Identifier

When you make yourself visible, you will appear to the group with a special club icon and any member can locate and contact you and your school.

And make yourself visible to all group members

Give visibility to your school

Chat without restrictions

If at any time we have to block the chat, these special profiles will still be able to send messages and post their activities for everyone's knowledge.

Communicate your events in the group

Give visibility to your events

Creating a community of surfers

For fun, for information, for your security and the security of your loved ones


You will be able to create private groups, with club members, with access only by invitation from the group administrator. In these groups, you can share your location in an identifiable manner and mark and share your favorite spots. In addition to chatting, you will be able to see, when you make yourselves visible, where you are and mark meeting points.


Another private group can be for family members and friends, where you can share your real-time location with them (when you make yourself visible in that group).


The public and private groups are displayed on the map with different colors for easy identification.


A group where you'll have special permissions to mark your business locations with contact information, and recommend places. You'll also be able to:

See where other surfers are, as anonymous points when they become visible.
Find out where meetings and events are happening.
Locate responsible individuals from other clubs and personalities from the surfing world through special icons (when they become visible).

Download EngrApp:

Join the Surfers group.

Become anonymously visible to show other surfers where to find their tribe.

Happy Surfers

Information Leisure & Security