Remember to make yourself visible with your anonymous marker to display your location and see other surfers with their anonymous markers.

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Access via QR Code or by searching it

To access the group, you can either scan the following QR code using the EngrApp or search for "Surfers" in the group search of the app.


Real-time Information

In the interactive map on your phone, you will find real-time geolocated information, and you will locate places can go. Through the group chat, you can receive information about events .

Anonymity in the Surfers Groups

The members of the group are anonymous, they do not share personal information, and they cannot contact each other. The members remain anonymous even when they activate visibility in this group. When visible, they are shown as unidentifiable and uncontactable anonymous markers.

Increase your security with Private Groups





With private groups, only members can access the shared information, points of interest, chat, and member visibility. Everything stays within "family" among friends.

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Access only by Group Administrator Invitation

The only way to access the group is through an invitation from the administrator.

Privacy of Private Groups

The information shared in private groups is only visible to the members of the group. Users outside the group will not be able to access this information.

Shared Map

By color coding, you will be able to see all the information from the groups you belong to on the same map.

Safety and Leisure-oriented Information

Share your location only when you want to make yourself visible - Locate those who are falling behind - Mark your own points of interest - Know who has already reached the destination - If you depart from different places, you'll know how far or close each member is - View/mark waiting areas - Access the group chat - ...

In your private groups, you will be able to share confidential information with your friends and easily keep track of each other's locations. Additionally, you can privately mark and share your own meeting points to facilitate your gatherings and recommend places.




As a Brand Manager or Surf School

Contact us at surfers@engrapp.com to place and share your points of interest in the Surfers group.


This is the gathering group for surfers on the EngrApp platform. It is a place where you can access interesting locations for the community from the palm of your hand and locate different clubs in real-time when they become visible during meetups and routes. It also allows you to locate any surfer who becomes visible as anonymous points, aiming to facilitate encounters.

The group allows you to locate the surfing atmosphere wherever you go and find where your people gather, such as bars and events.

The group serves as a meeting point for the community.
As end users, the SURFERS group is aimed at any surfer who is curious about locating other surfers, as well as events and activities related to their passion.

Group members can also choose to make themselves visible with their anonymous points to show their location to other surfers.

As a representative of a surf school, brand, or company associated with the world of surfing, you will have access to the group with a special profile that allows you to locate places that are interesting for the community (such as shops, recommended spots, sales points, etc.). Additionally, you can make yourself visible with a special and identifiable icon.

For more information, please contact us at surfers@engrapp.com.
To access the group's information, the first step is to download the free EngrApp platform app available on Android or iOS.

After installing the app, you need to scan the Access QR code from within EngrApp or search for the "Surfers" group in the public group search.

No, both downloading EngrApp and using it, as well as joining the group, are completely free of charge.
Information related to the world of surfing is shared among all the members of the group through the chat. Specifically, geolocated information is shared by responsible individuals from different clubs and companies in the industry.

- Other surfers visible as anonymous points when they have visibility activated and you have yours, allowing you to locate the surfing community in any part of the world, even if you are unfamiliar with the area.

- Fixed points of interest: shops, schools, leisure spots, etc., along with relevant information to help you navigate to them if you wish.

- Special profiles for club managers, brands, and surf schools, enabling you to connect with them if desired.
Remember that to see other dots (other pilgrims sharing their position as anonymous points), you need to share your own point. In other words, you need to make yourself visible on the map. You will see yourself with your image, but the rest of the people will see you as an anonymous point, just like you see other pilgrims. To make yourself visible in the group, you can follow these steps become visible.
The list of members of this group is not visible; the members are anonymous. To ensure privacy and anonymity, the lists of members in public groups are not displayed. However, we are there 😊.

Only in private groups (those formed among friends) are the lists of members shown in the group's members list.
The privacy policies can be found at this link from Sancus Media.

As a summary, the application anonymizes all user data, and it is impossible to link the information to a specific user.
From an operational point of view, the Surfers group uses the engine of EngrApp for its functionality.

More information about EngrApp can be found at the following link: EngrApp, and the privacy policies can be found here: Privacy Policies.
As an interested company, you can contact us at surfers@engrapp.com to register in the group with special permissions. This will allow you to locate places, resources, and other information of interest to surfers.
The operation of the Surfers group is similar to any other group you may belong to on the platform, whether they are public or private among friends.

By clicking on the "leave group" button in the group options screen, you will exit the group and will no longer be able to see the shared information. To rejoin the group, you will need to scan the access QR code again or search for the group in the public group search.

Once you have left the group, if you choose to do so, you can continue using the rest of the public groups on the platform and private groups with your contacts.

If you additionally want to permanently exit the app, on the general profile screen, the "logout" option allows the user to log out of EngrApp until you log in again.


Remember that downloading EngrApp gives you access to the platform and allows you to create your private groups. To access the "Surfers" group, you need to scan the following QR code from EngrApp or search for it in the group search.



Remember to make yourself visible with your anonymous point to show your position and see other surfers with their anonymous points. If you don't make yourself visible, you won't be able to see other members.




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