Contact Groups.

These groups are private and members are invitated by the group administrator. Members are friends or acquaintances that you can chat to, share points of interest in the map and members are identified.

Premium Groups.

Special groups that the administrator can set many parameters such as who could share information, how the members are shown (identified or anonimously) when they choose to share location...

Single Management

private and public groupos are managed from the same app and screen.

common map.

On the screen you can see all your differentiated groups by code colour, you can choose to hide any particular group and not see that information on the map but still access the chat information.


The user chooses the groups that he wants to share the position with, if you want to silence a chat, which groups you want to see on the map...


By clicking a spot on the map where another user is or a point of interest its marked you can activate the navigation option to that point your traditional navigation software.